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Pyrogel XT - E


Pyrogel® XT-E is a high-temperature insulation blanket that is formed of silica aerogel – which possesses the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid – and reinforced with a non-woven, glass-fiber batting
Pyrogel® XT-E is our easiest product ever to handle, store, and install. It offers the same industry-leading thermal performance as Pyrogel® XT, with standard roll sizes and a product form that dramatically reduces handling dust and simplifies installation and clean-up.
Ideal for insulating piping, vessels, tanks, and equipment, Pyrogel® XT-E is an essential material for those seeking the ultimate in thermal efficiency.

Advantages :

  • Superior Thermal Performance
  • Reduced Thickness and Profile
  • Less Time and Labor to Install
  • Physically Robust
  • Shipping and Warehousing Savings
  • Simplified Inventory
  • Hydrophobic Yet Breathable
  • Environmentally Safe

Physical Properties

  • Thicknesses- 5 mm & 10 mm
  • Max. Use Temp. - 1200°F (650°C)
  • Color - Maroon
  • Density - 12.5 lb/ft3 (0.20 g/cc)
  • Hydrophobic – Yes

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