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Silica Fiber Needled Mat

Silica fiber mat has been developed as a high temperature type product based on material with more than 90% of Silica (SiO2) components. It has good effect of sound absorption and heat insulation. Use glass fiber yarn as raw material, cut into fixed length, after card and layer, then send into the needled loom, punched into mat.
Silica fibreglass materials with low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance are excellent high temperature insulators. They can be used over long periods without losing the properties and without melting and vaporising at temperatures of up to 1000ºC and for a short period at temperatures of up to 1300ºC

Properties :

  • Low heat conductivity, high electrical insulation properties at elevated temperature
  • Silica mats maintain their excellent properties after long exposure to temperatures as high as 1000°C, and short-time exposure up to 1300°C


  • High Temprature Insulators

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